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Front Cover of the book A Nanny for Harry
Front Cover of the book Sisters in Law
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Front Cover of the book Woman's Work
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Looks Can Kill


Some reader reviews…


“A Hollywood courtroom drama at its finest with a sympathetic defense attorney running from the consequences of past decisions. Entertaining to the last twist.” – Markus F. (Engineer)

“Mulholland has crafted an exciting tale of medical malpractice, a maddening defendant, and the journey to find the truth. The narrative pulls you along, compulsively, to the final judgment!” – Alex D. (Medical Doctor)

“Sylvia Mulholland is a master at creating a sense of rising panic, then ramping the tension up even more. A spectacular snapshot of the sinister side of everyday life, especially in Los Angeles.” – Eric C. (Software Engineer and Entrepreneur)

“Looks Can Kill is chilling and addictive, where you don’t know which character to root for and a plot that twists and turns to a most satisfying ending. You can’t not read this book!” – Jennifer R. (Avid Reader)

“Brilliantly written, Looks Can Kill achieves the near-impossible: combining an offbeat main character, with both humour and a compelling murder mystery. The ending is near perfection—unpredictable but exactly right for the story.”– Victoria N. (Attorney)

If you would like to read this book, it is available in multiple formats on Amazon


Sisters in Law

Some reader reviews…


5/5 “A highly entertaining and addictive read”Faith Lee

5/5 “Laugh Out Loud!”Priyanka Athavale

5/5 “Funny, realistic, and relatable” –  Catherine Grainger

5/5 “Suspense at its peak.” – Nikki Wolters

5/5 “Original idea” – Rebecca A.

If you would like to read this book, it is available in multiple formats on Amazon


Sisters in Law Book Cover
A Nanny for Harry Book Cover

A Nanny for Harry

Some reader reviews…


5/5 “stars Great beach read” – Carole P. Roman

5/5 “Great Book!” – Bev Ash

5/5 “Watch your back, and your husband, when this nanny comes to town!” – Amazon Customer

If you would like to read this book, it is available in multiple formats on Amazon

What They’re Saying

Book Critic Reviews

”Woman’s Work strike a chord with any woman who has juggled family, career and home ownership. Mulholland’s voice is clear, confident and at times laugh out loud funny. A satisfying literary entertainment.”

Books In Canada

”This is comedy noire, frothy as Valentine camisoles, as intricate as Georgian silver and forget-me-not-strewn Victorian Invites.”

Mail on Sunday - London

“An excruciating witty take on women at work in a man’s world.”

Marie Claire

”Wry and witty and insightful and fun”

Joy Fielding

”Sylvia Mulholland’d humorous observations on the irreconcilability of office routine and motherhood will strike a chord with many women readers”

The Times

”Sylvia Mulholland serves up a rollicking take on the gender wars.”

Toronto Star

”I recommend this book to everyone who loves babies. It’s a story that will remind you of little ones and of the various experiences and emotions that one can have with them. It might also teach you a thing or two about tolerance.”


”If you are looking for a jovial read that will keep you holding on at every turn A NANNY FOR HARRY is a must for your book list this season. Highly recommended!”


“A Nanny for Harry has many wonderful moments of humor and vulnerability to which all working and pregnant women should relate.”